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So I know all of you want to feast your eyes on shots of the "Real" Jeremy Jones boardsliding a 60 degree razor spine or Ryland Bell slashing down a 2000 ft fin over fatal exposure, but well...that ain't happenin' right now. Gonna have to wait till Deeper drops next fall! Until the dinner bell, I thought I'd serve an appetizer plate of equally savory, but not so spicy images that describe some of the juicy details of our epic AK adventure.Spines in the AK Fairweather Range

**The Fairweather Range of Alaska is home to the sickest spine walls on earth. Man-eating fins like these don't form up just anywhere because it takes a rare combination of maritime snow in ridiculous quantities to make it happen. There is no doubt Jeremy would hang out in a tent for 19 storm days for just one day of riding such wicked snow features. Thankfully, we spent 9 days tent bound for 11 days of riding these virgin spines.**

Snow Geese migrating across AK

**Towards the end of our trip we were visited by several flocks of noisy Jones' Helmet cam and Journal

**You'll never look through Jeremy's goggles but if your lucky he just might share a glimpse of what he's seen on his Sony HD helmet cam. Same goes for his journal that sits to the right. You'll never read it, but on occasion he'll open it and Deceased splitboard

**Of the 13 splitboards we brought with us on the trip, 2 were broken. Neither of the deceased were Jones' Solutions. Lucas Debari sent this one to heaven slamming into an unexpected chunk of glacial ice on a high speed runout. RIP.**

Group Tent Funk

**Needless to say, after three weeks without a shower and hiking 14 hours a day, we all got pretty stinky. The freezing temps kept the stench at bay however as sweat never had the chance to waft out that far. This picture symbolically depicts the funkiest funk we encountered on the trip by most votes, Bell's boots and Burt's ass.**

Burt and Repo serve curry

**You might think we were roughing it out there on the cold glacier, miles from nowhere. But really, no. We had a toliet with a bitchin' seat and we ate damn good food including this tasty scallop veggie curry served up by Burt and Tero Repo.**

Baren Jager

**Ryland got us all hooked on the candy sweet taste of Solar Charging Station in AK

**While we didn't have to battle gaping bergschrunds at the bottom of our lines, us media folk fought for fresh batteries and clean memory cards. Laugh away, but it was no easy fight. At any given time there were 8 cameras rolling not including the ipods and point-and-shoots that the athletes carried. Batteries got drained daily and cold laptops didn't last long trying to dump memory cards. Five solar panels similar to the one shown here kept us alive and shooting.**

Fly Drake

**If you ever get the chance to fly with April sunrise in AK

**We saw sunrise and sunset on the move many days. A 2:30 am wake-up and an 8 pm arrival back at camp was not uncommon. Long days on the glacier were always rewarded however, usually just as soon as the sun cracked the horizon.**

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