Deeper, Further And Higher Into The Mountains Of Austria

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Teton Gravity Research is in the Karwendel Range in Austria filming Jeremy Jones' next film, "Further." Part of the "Deeper," "Further," "Higher" trilogy, each movie is a two-year project about self-propelled snowboarding in the world's most remote mountains. After a great post from Day 1, TGR's Head of Production Jon Klaczkiewicz checks back in to update us with what Jones, Mitch Toelderer, and Bibi Pekarekis are up to Austria. Day 2:No time for jet lag, 4 a.m. wakeup to start skinning from the valley floor in below freezing conditions and I have never been so cold while working so hard. Navigating frozen avalanche debris in the dark and 4,500 vertical feet of kick turn after kick turn later we arrive at the spines. Jeremy drops first into a super aesthetic sloughing line, followed by Bibi and Mitch. One huge climb for three beautiful Austrian lines.

Day 3:I think I logged 12 hours of sleep last night. 7 a.m. and we are back at it again lapping some smaller more tech terrain. Mitch rides a super steep spine: a first descent only possible with the huge winter Austria is having. We call it early to prep for tomorrow. Jeremy, Mitch, and Bibi have scoped a wall dubbed "Mega Ramp," access to which will require a bivy at the top of the mountain tonight.

Day 4:5 a.m. with stars above and moonlit clouds in the valley below. We begin our climb/traverse/climb/traverse/climb and the snow is so cold that our boards barley slide. We start up a narrow coulior and a few small settling wind deposits make travel a bit unnerving as we must continue up some wide open terrain at twilight. Get to the ridge and we're greeted by a biting Siberian wind; we keep moving to try to keep blood flowing toward our extremities. The Mega Ramp reveals itself with a pinnacle of a summit and rowdy face below. Watching Jeremy, Mitch, and Bibi topping out is a sight in itself, followed by edge of your seat descents. The crew heads toward “Middle Earth” three more glorious runs go down followed by another 4,800-foot pow run to the valley below and I can’t believe Austria.

Day 5: Prep today as we are going in tomorrow. The plan is for a 13 kilometer slog into a staging camp where we have two different high camp options from there. More to come ...

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