Did David Wise Just Break the Quarterpipe Air Record?

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Audi Nines has been notorious for pushing the boundaries of freestyle snow sports. That’s not too surprising when you consider the rocket-sized launch pads they have for jumps. Still, it’s always exciting to witness a record being shattered, and David Wise potentially just crushed the highest quarterpipe air. The skier sent it 38.39 feet out of a quarterpipe, and after floating in outer space for a second he touched down to a banked landing.

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His feat has caused quite the stir—positive and negative—within the snow community. If this is truly the highest air from a quarterpipe, then Wise just smashed Simon Dumont’s previous record by three feet. However, some are crying foul play because Dumont, unlike Wise, landed on the same quarterpipe he took off from. In Wise’s defense, the feature he hit was modified for safety and was inspired by a similar jump used by Danny Way—who holds the same record but for skateboarding. Regardless of legitimacy, that is one massive air.

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