Do You Care About X-Games Oslo?

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ESPN has heavily promoted X-Games Oslo, which finished up on Sunday. ESPN photos.

Having the X-Games in Europe isn't new, but ESPN's improved promotion of the event and its location change to Oslo is. X-Games Oslo also included skateboarding, a first for the winter sports series.

From a marketing perspective, this is actually a brilliant move by ESPN. Norway is the second wealthiest country in the world. Oslo, the world's second richest city, is home to many of the Scandinavian country's professional skiers and snowboarders and many more of its winter and action sports enthusiasts. If you're looking for a long-term location partnership for a competitive skiing and snowboarding venue, access to an audience with disposable income, an elite group of professional athletes, and close proximity to a predictably cold, mountainous environment is a hat trick.

Truly remarkable snowboarding went down during X-Games Oslo, including this insane, gold-medal-winning big air run from Yuki Kadono. All the talent, big spins, and style considered, is this a event you care about? Did you watch it and consider it relevant to your snowboarding experience? Does it inspire you?

These aren't rhetorical questions. Here at TGR, we are interested to hear your perspective about the X-Games franchise and how it relates to your snowboarding experience. Please feel free to be as honest as you'd like in the comments below.

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