Dogs & Diapers: Allie's New Bike & Olin's First Trail Day

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Dogs & Diapers: Allie's New Bike & Olin's First Trail Day

Allie with her Giant Trance 3 from Magic Cycles.

Allie with her Giant Trance 3 from Magic Cycles.

Allie finally a new mountain bike this weekend, and we couldn't be more stoked!

For the last few weeks we've been trying to find Allie the right bike. Searching all the Craigslist ads within 2 hours driving time, monitored local bike sale pages on Facebook, and took note of what all the local shops had in their inventory. The budget was limited, but with 7 years of experience working in the bike & ski industry, I have a pretty good idea of what bikes are worth and how we could get the most bang for our little buck.

The number one issue when trying to buy a used bike is that people are proud of their stuff. "One man's treasure is another man's trash." Granted, a few of the people we spoke with were flexible, most of the ads looked like these:

You'll notice that the most recent bike shown is from 2008 and the oldest is from 2004. I want some of whatever these people are smoking

However, we narrowed it down to a few bikes that may work, if nothing else turned up. But all in all, nothing really stood out as "The Bike" or anything that we should really be in a rush to jump on. On Monday I decided to call around to a few more shops out of the Tri-Cities to find something out of a rental or demo fleet. I spoke with a few shops in Asheville and in Boone. Finally I got in touch with Magic Cycles and spoke with Hunter. He told me they were just about to bring their demo bikes down from Beech Mountain. I told him I was looking for something like a Trance or 5010 in a size medium. To our luck they did in fact have a medium Giant Trance 3. Jackpot. I told him to hold it aside with our name on it and we would come check it out on Friday. The rest of the week dragged by as we waited in anticipation to check it out. When Friday finally came around, I ran out of my office at 11:30, picked up Allie & Olin, and we headed over to Boone.

As soon as Allie sat on the bike I new we were leaving with it. She was stoked, the fit was perfect, and the bike was a smokin good deal. The guys at the shop gave it a tune while Allie tried on some shammies, a few pack essentials, and a shop jersey. Then we were on our way. I'm not really who was more excited at this point.

Rack Appeal: The number 1 most important factor when choosing a new bike.

Rack Appeal: The number 1 most important factor when choosing a new bike.

When we got to the house we both changed into our gear as quickly as we could, grabbed the dog, and made our way to Bay's Mountain Park while Olin stayed with her grandpa. At about 6pm, Allie was finally experiencing her first singletrack ride. Bay's is a great place to take a beginner rider in the Tri-Cities area. We did a 6 mile loop that had features great for new and intermediate riders such as small rock beds, log features, and small, non intimidating climbs. At about mile 4, while we were taking a break, Allie said to me "I'm sorry if I ever assumed riding bikes wasn't a workout." We hopped back on our bikes and rode the last remaining chunk of trail before we hit the gravel road that lead us back to the car.

 Stoked as ever, enjoying a quick water break.

Allie, stoked as ever, enjoying a quick water break.

On her first day on single track, Allie and I rode about 6 miles in an hour and a half. Not Bad! When we got back to our house we went through proper washing techniques as well as what to check for after each ride and a few key maintenance tips to always perform.

On Saturday we decided to go across the street to Winged Deer park and do a quick lap on the unfinished singletrack that SORBA has been working on. Still a little bit sore from the previous day, we set on a little bit slower. Although the trails aren't yet completed, Winged Deer has a few more intermediate type features such as rock rolls, rock gardens, and a small technical descent. A great place to boost confidence and work on some form. Allie decided that she wanted to work on the rocky downhill section, and learn how to ride over smaller ledges and rocks so we did a few laps on the little segment in the video below. Pretty darn awesome for only her second day on a mountain bike. We finished the ride and headed home with plans on coming back to attend the SORBA trail event the following day.

At noon on Sunday we headed back across the street to Winged Deer to meet up for the trail work day. Not only was this Allie's first trail day, but we decided to bring Olin too! Olin loves to be outside, especially in the woods, so she had a great day playing foreman of the job site. We pushed her stroller through the trail to the berm section we were building up where she hung out for the next few hours while we worked on a few features.

"Trail side lunch is my favorite" - Olin

"Trail side lunch is my favorite" -Olin

After about 3 hours we called it a day and headed back to the parking lot. Naturally, there was pizza and beer for those who that worked, this is mountain biking after all.

All in all it was a great weekend, and words will never be able to express how happy I am that we can this sport together as a family. The next step is to get Olin a trailer so she can start joining us on rides.

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