Dolphins Crash Conner Coffin's Wave at Margaret River Pro

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Dolphins are the OG surfers. They've been spotted catching waves as far back as the Greco Roman era, in which sailors noticed the phenomenon while out at sea. This weekend the playful creatures couldn't help themselves at the 2019 Margaret River Pro in Australia and joined Conner Coffin for his third heat.

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The surfer was so stunned by the unexpected guests that he almost lost his focus, but thankfully was able to maintain his composure to ride out one hell of a wave. "I have always felt a connection with the ocean and a sense of belonging when I'm in it. These dolphins were about five feet away from me right as this wave popped up and I knew it was going to be a special wave," Coffin explained to Surfer Today.

It was already an incredible day of surfing at The Box, but the party wave was definitely the icing on the cake for Coffin and everyone watching.

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