Drone Footage of Nazaré Reveals Just How Terrifying 'Big Mama' Can Be

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If you're looking for a quick way to get your heart rate up, you could do worse than this drone perspective of Sebastian Steudtner crushing a Nazare bomb. Steudtner can be seen ripping down the face of a mountain made of seawater during the legendary January 18th swell that produced waves as big as 80 feet.

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Nazare is unique in the world of big wave surfing because it is almost always photographed from high above, normally from the cliffs overlooking the hellacious break. Without much in the way of imagery from inside the channel, it can be hard to fully comprehend the scale of some of the waves at the break known colloquially as "Big Mama." The drone perspective helps bring the scale into full focus, especially as the drone almost gets taken out by the surging wall of water.

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