Dynafit "From the Road" Trailer

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This trailer for From the Road tells the story of friendship and redemption in the mountains. From the Road is produced by Dynafit so you can expect no help from helis or snowmobiles in this flick. The trailer discusses the feelings of elation and frustration one experiences from human powered adventure. Cody Barnhill describes it well, “That whole day of hiking for those five turns was worth it.” Having just wrapped the Jeremy Jones’ Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy you don’t need to sell TGR on human powered travel and we agree wholeheartedly Barnhill’s words.

Interwoven in the narrative is a story of redemption from former Alaskan ski guide Eric Henderson. In 2009 Henderson suffered a broken neck after a horrific crash while skiing Meteorite Peak of the Chugach Range. Part of the storyline is his journey back to the mountain that nearly killed him. From the Road looks like it will deliver a good mix of stimulating ski cinematography coupled with compelling narrative. All there is to do now is grab that touring setup and ski uphill.

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