Early Snowboard Pioneer Noah Salasnek Passes Away from Cancer

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It's with great sadness that we report on the passing of Noah Salasnek, former professional snowboarder who helped pioneer the early days of the sport. Like most early boarders Noah came from the skate world, turning pro and skating for the famous San Diego brand H-Street before the mountains called his name.

Noah headed to Tahoe, buying a house and devoting himself completely to the lifestyle. After one of the founders of H-street died, Noah hooked up with Sims snowboarding. His first board reflected his skate heritage with skate truck graphics on the base.

Noah's skate skills transferred to the slopes and he helped develop the early tricks. Most famous was his late switch backside three, backside sevens, and ability to butter all over the mountain.

Initially just known as a freestyle specialist this was hardly all Noah could ride. Standard Films took him Alaska and his mind was opened. The goofy-footer found success on the spines of Valdez and Donner Pass riding some of the world's most iconic peaks with a style all his own.

Noah had been publicly battling Stage 4 liver cancer since the summer of 2016. He was 47 years old. He will be remembered for both his feats on the mountain and the easy going good friend he was off of it.

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