Electric Surfboard Washes Ashore With $100,000 Worth of Meth

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Plastic containers filled with meth, recovered from inside the hollow surfboard. There were at least 22 containers with a total of $100,000 in meth. Secretary of Public Security of Tijuana photo.

The rumors are trueWalter White has taken up surfing as a new means for moving meth. Officials in Tijuana discovered an electric surfboard washed up on shore on June 17, containing twenty pounds of meth, a street value of $100,000.

An electric, drug-smuggling surfboard that drifted ashore on a beach in Tijuana, Mexico. Secretary of Public Security Tijuana photo.

When officials broke into the hollowed-out board, they found at least 22 plastic containers labeled "roca," which is Spanish for rock. Unfortunately, whoever sent the board off on its journey didn't do a great job of sealing the expensive cargo, and water had seeped in to fry the eight batteries that were connected to a small turbine engine, according to KVAL.com.

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Maybe it would have worked out better for the smugglers if they had skipped the electric power and had someone teach them how to surf.

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