Elyse Saugstad Named Freeskier's Female Skier of the Year

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Elyse Saugstad is having an all-time year. After bringing home a handful of coveted Powder awards, Saugstad is adding one more prestigious accolade to her list: Freeskier’s 2018 female skier of the year. Over 200 of the most talented and esteemed skiers in the industry were asked to rank athletes who in their mind had a stand out 2018 season. Saugstad won by a landslide. No surprise here, Saugstad has been an incredible athlete and inspiration not just in 2018, but throughout the entirety of her career.

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It’s been an honor to call her part of the TGR family and watch her crush it on the silver screen in both Far Out and Rogue Elements. Congratulations Saugstad, we can’t wait to see what’s next

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