Embracing the Unpredictable on NZ's Mount Taranaki

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Mount Taranaki is one of the more dangerous mountains to climb in New Zealand. Its terrain is not exceptionally challenging, but when inclement weather rolls in, it becomes a mountain you don’t want to mess with. Unfortunately for skiers Janina Kuzma, Anna Segal and Evelina Nilsson who set out to summit and ski down Taranaki, the conditions were not in their favor. What started as a bluebird powder day quickly morphed into a socked-in blizzard and they were unable to summit. This not only put Taranaki on hold, but also their bigger goal of summiting and skiing all four skiable volcanic peaks on the North Island.

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When it comes to big expeditions like these, Mother Nature can quickly derail even the most organized plans. For this rad lady crew, an unsuccessful mission opened the door to many other incredible opportunities—just because they couldn’t stick to their original plan doesn’t mean they walked away from the trip empty-handed. The change allowed for them to explore new nooks and crannies of the island and connect with the locals, which are invaluable experiences that are often lost when all of the focus is funneled into achieving a mission.

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