Epic Star Wars Parody: Mt. Bachelor Strikes Back

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It's a dark time for the local ski bum. Between global warming, corporate powder, and taking selfies, fresh tracks and face shots seem more elusive than ever.

But, a new hope sits on the horizon. A forecast for an epic dump overnight brings the local ski bums to gather at the local ski shop/ bike shop/ coffee house/ hipster bar to bask in the stoke of the impending schralpage...

That is the epic introduction to 88 Productions' Star Wars parody entitled Snow Wars: Mt. Bachelor Strikes Back. I have to say this is pretty perfect. From an alien bragging about his tech bindings and friend who is a DPS rep to Luke Skywalker running through the snow to snag first chair this parody is spot on. So enjoy and may the stoke be with you!

P.S. R2D2 is f&#kin stoked!

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