ESPN awards Teton Gravity Research's Deeper and Light the Wick Editors Picks

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ESPN's editors picks for the 2010 snow film season are in! Most notably they chose Light the Wick as having the best cinematography and Jeremy Jones' Deeper received the "Best Male Performance in a Leading Role.", heres what the editors had to say:

"Imagine Sammy Carlson, John Spriggs and Byron Wells throwing 1260s and switch double misties over your head in a movie theater and you'd have a glimpse of TGR's 3D experiment, shot at Washington's Stevens Pass. "Light the Wick" is the first ski movie to incorporate 3D technology, which was done with two RED cameras shot from a helicopter. "It's the best TGR film I've seen in years," Powder magazine editor Derek Taylor says. "The 3D was definitely what everyone left talking about. It was definitely next level for ski films. I'm really excited to see where they go with it." The truth is, though, TGR would win this award even without the 3D: The film is meticulously shot from beginning to end."

TGR's Jeremy Jones received the "Best Male Performance in a Leading Role." for Deeper. ESPN's comments:

"Consider everything that went down last winter: all those double corks, that one triple cork, the many varied and inspired attacks on the streets. It seems a little ironic that the best male performance would go to a rider whose whole approach focused on taking a step back from all that insanity, but Jones deserves it. His lines dwarf even the most remarkable feats of snowboarding's gnarliest. What Jones is doing is almost beyond comprehension for most of us. Yes, the helmet cams help and TGR did a brilliant job of giving us the Jones-eye-view of his lines, but the frightening reality is there's really no way to completely capture the sketchiness of the kind of riding he does. "Watching Jeremy Jones ride is like watching Danny Way hit the mega ramp -- it's hard to comprehend," Josh Dirksen says. "I rode with Jeremy for over six weeks this winter and never saw him crash. And it wasn't because he was taking it easy.""

Further, we picked up honorable mentions in multiple categories. Light the Wick got the honorable mention for Best Picture. Rachel Burks got an honorable mention for "Best Female Performance in a Leading Role" for her role in Light the Wick.

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