EXCLUSIVE: A Collection of TGR's Best Drone Footage

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If you loved all of those sweet drone shots from our films and projects in the past few years we put together some of our favorite shots in this reel.

TGR has been on the cutting edge of drone and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) cinematography, embracing new technology and bringing it to some of the world's most challenging locations. The result... more nimble footage from unique perspectives.

Drones enable our cinematographers to get a closer, more intimate view of the athletes, many of whom play a heavy hand in the coordination of the filming of each segment.

“Most of the time they’re going to want a drone angle,” said Austin Hopkins, one of TGR's UAV pilots. “Because if a heli isn’t in the picture, it’s another angle to show that line, that peak, or that feature.”

If you are interested in licensing any of this footage please contact stock@tetongravity.com or inquire here.

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