Farm Tows and The Soul of Skiing

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T-Bar Films is a small film production company started by Vermont brothers Tyler and Elliot Wilkinson-Ray. Their mission is to document what they call, "the human side of skiing.” Their first film United We Ski explored the plight of the small ski area in Vermont. They explored hills like the famous U.S. ski team producing, Cochran’s Ski Area to small backyard rope tows.

In this segment from United We Ski entitled “Farm Tows”, the brothers interview and showcase the unique characters that run their own backyard rope tows. It is refreshing that the culture from the 50s is still present in the ski world. These areas are the direct foil to the high-end resorts and provide a place for blue-collar workers to enjoy the snow.“Farm Tows” and United We Ski showcase true soul and spirit of skiing that still exists in these small bastions of Vermont.

As someone who learned to ski on the 300ft vertical of Rhode Island’s Yawgoo Valley the importance of these places is not lost. Though the high peaks of Jackson and Alaska are always calling us, we never forgot the small places and hills where we fell in love with skiing.

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