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There's a lot of buzz on what the upcoming winter season will look like based on the Farmer’s Almanac's & NOAA’s predictions. From La Niña to La Nada, there are conflicting reports on what exactly will happen this winter. NOAA - Farmers 2016 This raised the question, "How did both of these long range weather predictors do last winter?" The 2015-16 ski season was highlighted by the threat of a “super” El Niño made by NOAA. NOAA forecasters called for flooding in California, drought in the Rockies, and a frigid winter in the Southwest, while the Farmer’s Almanac predicted the opposite in some regions.

Well, what really happened? After some quick analysis, here is what we found:

It's a split decision!

Specific regions:

NOAA 3 ;

Farmer’s Almanac – 2

Overall 2015-16 season: Farmer's Almanac

The Farmer’s Almanac hit it out of the park for the Lake Tahoe and Southern California predictions but just lost with their Utah forecast. NOAA called for a strong El Niño and leaned towards that weather pattern overall yet it only occurred for a couple weeks in December so it didn’t really happen. Overall, the Farmer’s Almanac was closer in their general winter guidance. Does that mean Farmer’s will be right overall this year? Maybe/Maybe not.

Summary of Last Season

For those of you curious how we got to this answer and see the detail behind it please click here.

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