Filipe Toledo Kicks Off J-Bay With a 9.17

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J-Bay is back and its got a lot to live up to, because last year was epic. For example, you may remember Filipe Toledo’s perfect 10:

He not only won the event, but got a lion tattoo to commemorate the moment. It was that remarkable. He told Stance in an interview that it’s his favorite tattoo, explaining, “It’s a lion. It's from the trophy from J-Bay, the contest that I won. J-Bay was a really historical event, because of the waves, and because of the waves that I surfed... The double alley-oop that I did was probably one of the most insane waves that I've surfed, actually.”

Well, Toledo is back at J-Bay again this year, and while he didn’t quite get that perfect 10, his 9.17 was still rad. Check it out:

Toledo is currently in the number two spot on the Tour and it’s a position he’s happy with. He told World Surf League, "I'm sitting at No. 2 in the rankings right now, which is the closest I've ever come to the Title but it's still early in the year and there's still a lot of heats to be won. When you're No. 1 you have a giant target on your back. But I'm No. 2, so it's awesome. I'm only chasing one guy." Julian Wilson is whose holding that number one spot at the moment, but we’ll have to see how to rest of J Bay, and the Tour, unfolds.

Right now there are four former J-Bay winners competing in this year’s event - Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, Jordy Smith, and Filipe Toldeo - so we're hoping its going to be just as awesome as last year.

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