Getting Back to What Made Us Fall in Love with Skiing: 'Kodak Courage' Part 3

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In the third and final installment of Sam Giffin's video series "Kodak Courage," Sam finally rejoins his brother Zack in skiing Alaskan spines and getting back to that initial impulse that made him fall in love with skiing when he was just a boy.

After resisting the urge to film his brother on ski trips for years after nearly losing his life in an avalanche–and voicing his concerns that the ski film industry might be going too far in putting its participants at risk–Sam returns to ride big mountain lines with Zack, but he does so on his own terms, with the camera turned off.

With appearances from legends like Gigi Ruf and Sean Dog, the finale of "Kodak Courage" is fascinating, and makes a compelling argument to leave the camera at home the next time you head out and just enjoy the simple feeling of sliding on snow.

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