Getting Fat in Cache Valley

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Ringing in the New Year with family took me and my Fat Bike on an unexpected journey to the far reaches of Logan Utah. A small college town without a true freeway, I found myself in a frigid valley and what felt like a relative stones throw from the Idaho border. I had not heard much but rumors of good fat bike riding in the area, and I was not expecting much from this small town with a very rural feel. I could not have been more wrong.

My brother-in-law assured me that Green Canyon was a great place to ride, and even though I arrived just before dark, I felt compelled to quickly ride up to the trail just go have a quick peak. The temperature was well below anything I had ridden in thus far. Even American Fork Canyon in the shadows did not feel as cold as Green Canyon did with night quickly falling. In the summer the road turns to dirt and you can shuttle up, but in the winter the road was gated and graded for cross country skiing. The road is smooth and gradient gradual, perfect for the beginning skiers and an excellent way to shuttle yourself up on your fatbike. I didn’t have much time, so I took the singletrack, which was a fun climb, and mildly challenging in some of the softer sections. For the most part the trail is packed in perfect, only a few places appeared chewed up by crashes or potholed by hikers. I didn’t get far, but it was enough to wet my appetite for Saturday.

My car thermometer was at 1 degree in the morning and only bounced around the 0 mark as I made my way up to the trailhead. A fresh pair of Wigwam Canada socks and silk glove liners were the order of the day, as I headed up the road this time. Plenty of ski traffic moving very slowly as I pinned it up to the top. It is a college town, so there was no shortage of ladies trekking up and taking notice, commenting on the bike as well. But I kept focused, mostly.

The singletrack was the best I had ever ridden on a fatbike. The first half was challenging and fun with a few choice spots to air out and I even lost my front wheel into the soft side and took a tumble, twice. It didn't take Sherlock Homes to see the huge crash marks in the soft powder where others followed suit. Most of the trail has nice snowy berms on the turns, though some are a bit softer than they look.

The trail gets better and better as you near the canyon entrance. I think they are just packed in more by snow shoe hikers that turn around early. Whatever the reason, the bottom is packed and fast. The trail crosses the road in several places where you have to check for ski traffic, most say hello and wave as you rip by. Even the road in spots is so smooth and wide, you can practice your drifting and coast down past the skiers. Round trip or out-n-back is about an hour ride.

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