Grom Contest Interview: Jonah Elston, Age 13

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We caught up with the March winner of the Grom Contest Jonah Elston and asked him a few questions. Sounds like this up-and-comer has a lot going on.

How long have you been skiing?

I started skiing when i was 18 months old, at 4 yrs i changed to snowboarding and then changed back to skiing when i was 10 years old. Ive been skiing since then but sometimes steal my brother snowboard and slay a couple of laps at the hill.

Why do you enjoy skiing?

Every time i go skiing i have a great time, even on bad days it seems fun. Progressing is key and stomping tricks that i have been working on is a great rush and makes me want to go back again and again. I get excited when take a tramp trick that i have been working on to the snow.

Jonah Elston Rail

Who are your ski heros?

Tanner has always been one of my favorites, he was a huge influence on my skiing when i was little and still amazes me with his skiing. Russ Henshaw kills it and i try and work on copying his style and his tricks. LJ is one of the coolest dudes i know and has given me some great advice, i like that he is very humble and kills everything he does.

Who are your favorite people to ride with?

When i am at home in Montana or up in Idaho i ride with my crew A.J., Cody, Dainse, Noah, Jordan, Grant, Brandon, Caleb, Quinn and Ryan. One of my best days this season was when LJ came and skied with me and my friends.... he destroyed our park. At JO's this year it was great to watch and ski with other kids my age ski, Willie Borm, Andy Partridge, Seamus and Paddy Flannagan they kill it for sure.

Jonah Elston Park Jump

How do you balance school and skiing?

My school is super cool with taking days off during winter season, they send us off on trips with a crap load of homework. My Mom and Dad said as long as my brother , Jared, and I stay on the Honor Role we can skip school. I can get a lot of homework done on a 12 hour road trip and i get to watch ski movies at the same time. I watched Blizzard of Ahhs on the way from Steamboat to Schweitzer and when i get to Schweitzer Glen Plake was their.... weird huh ?

What does it mean to you to have your video selected by TGR?

I was so stoked, i have been sending videos in for contests since i was little but never won any. I think not winning the video contests made me mad so i kept working on getting more bangers for a solid edit. Getting recognized by the crew at TGR was so legit. TGR knows whats up and to get selected was one of the best things to happen this season, it shows that practicing hard really works out.

Jonah Elston Night Shot

What are your plans for the rest of the season?

I got invited to a Super Park shoot at Lost Trail so i hope to get some more shots on some bigger jumps. I am hoping to go to camp at Mount Hood Summer Ski Camp this summer, Kevin Malone and Nolan Willard are the best coaches ever and MHSSC rules. Then do a trip or two to Olympic Training center to hit up the water ramps. I have to chop wood and do yard work so i can get enough cash to go... chopping wood sucks in case you didnt know.

Are you working on more edits since you get one a month?

I hope to get a few more shots before the end of the season, watching Willie and Andy throw dubs has got me wanting to get a dub stomped before the end of the season or at camp. I might just do a re-edit and add some bangers to my old edit. I am going to film my little brother Jared as well so he has a super legit snowboard edit .... hey snowboard judges check his edit out he KILLS IT.

Shout outs to Tyson Hall - Armada, Josh Loubek / Eric Schnibbe - Oakley, Shawn Barry - Giro, Andrew Eugster- Full Tilt

Check out Jonah's winning edit below, with more pictures to follow.

Jonah Elston LifestyleJonah Elston Park jump 2Jonah Elston A-Frame stall

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