'Heavy Water': Nathan Fletcher Air Drops from a Helicopter

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The use of helicopters has become a norm in skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking—but not so much in surfing. Big wave surfer Nathan Fletcher changed that when he aired out of a chopper onto a big wave. The stunt can be seen in Red Bull Media House’s latest surfing documentary Heavy Water, which follows not just Fletcher’s journey but also his prolific surfing family as a whole. The maverick hails from a lineage of surfing pioneers like his grandfather who pushed big wave surfing at Waimea Bay and his dad who experimented with tow-surfing with a jetski.

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Following in their footsteps, Fletcher is making his own mark on the sport through his obsession with jumping off things. When he reached out to Red Bull to see if it was possible to incorporate a helicopter into his antics, they we’re thankfully on board with the stunt. The movie will be in theaters on June 13th. For more information to find a film screening near you, check out the official film page.

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