HIGH OCTANE: A Short Film Starring Travis Rice, Austen Sweetin, Robin Van Gyn and more

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Usually I’m pretty biased towards ski videos because I’m a skier and I think skiing is sick. But every once in a while someone will show me a snowboarding film and I’ll watch it silently, sigh to myself, and wish that I could do what they were doing. High Octane just happens to be one of those films. It’s eight and a half minutes of the world’s best snowboarders in the world’s best locations hitting one dream line after another. So now I’m sitting here wishing I could surf snow like Austen Sweetin, Sean Lucey, Robin Van Gyn, Travis Rice, Rusty Ockenden, Chris Rasman, Phil Hansen and Brandon Reis do.

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But don't take it from me, I'm just a skier. Listen to Austen:

“Two weeks of Japan’s deepest and lightest snow filled our days with endless mountain waves and then we set out to film two days of pillow-bashing, leg-burning pow smashing boarding with Travis Rice at Stellar Heli in BC. There were a few days in Whistler and Alpental scattered in between and now we proudly present to you HIGH OCTANE. Press play, get stoked, grab your board and go psycho!”

Spend a couple minutes, or hours, looking through these guys' Instagram's.

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