High School Students Mix Up Angel Collinson's Footage with Killer Results

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We handed all our footage of Angel Collinson from Way Of Life over to a filmmaking class at Jackson Hole High School and waited to see what they could come up with on their own in the editing bay. Here's two aspiring filmmakers who caught our eye:

Peter Prestrud

Peter made a great reflective & introspective interpretation of Angel's footage, and timed the infamous Alan Watts monologue about dreaming perfectly to the tempo of the shots. We love the part where we hear "Let's have a dream that isn't under our control" as the heli lifts off! Overall this is a very mature piece from Peter and shows his ability to combine interviews, audio, and video footage to create a great tempo and very coherent mini-doc on Angel's approach to skiing.

Carson Meyer

Carson opted for a bit more of a high-speed approach, pulling in a lot of Angel's action shots from her trip to Fantasy Camp in Alaska last spring, including a bunch of solid lines that didn't make the final cut. Carson breaks up the action with some good quotes from Ian Mac, and puts together a great little piece on how Angel has felt earning the dream opportunity to shred and film with her skiing heroes.

Great work from Peter & Carson and thanks to the entire Media Arts class at Jackson Hole HIgh School-- no doubt Mr. Shuprtine is proud!

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