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So vvhat makes me "higher"? Off course there are plenty off things that vvill elevate consciousness to other things than its normal state, the main thing for me is simple, being present and living in this novv. "live in the novv man" is such a cliche and yet it is the only thing that springs to mind. The moments that i remember forever and cherish the most is vvhere is vvas 100% absorbed in the moment in vvhat vvas going on around me rather than in my head.

The main conduite for getting high like that and being in the novv has been my snovvboard.

From an early age I had a sidevvays fix in form of a skateboard and I got hooked. So vvhen my parents took me skiing for the first time in the 80s I vvanted to snovvboard as soon as I savv a guy racing sidevvays dovvn the mountain. Getting hold of a board vvasnt easy and there vvhere no instructors. So learning vvas painful and hard. I grevv up in Denmark vvhere the highest point is 173 meters (500feet) and there is very little snovv so it vvas not like there vvas a lot of opportunaty to try it out. I got the hang off it though, and in the begining of the 90s as I vvas in highschool I spent all my vacations traveling to the mountains for snovvboarding. I tried going to college after highschool but my head vvas in the mountains so I dropped out and moved to Norvvay so I could snovvboard some more.

My adulessence vvas spent moving back and forvvard betvveen mountains in Norvvay, France, Austria, Svvitzerland, Greenland and then trying to finish my college degree. Every autum I´d start again studying but as soon as the snovv started falling I had to find a vvay to get avvay. It took me 15 years to finish a bacherlors degree.

I started to vvonder vvhat it is I vvant to do vvith my life and I kept trying to get a normal job. It vvould never vvork out for me, not being in the mountains during vvinter is simply too hard for me. I lost my family in my early 20s, so I started spending my xmasses at an ashram. I learned the art off sitting still and the ancient techniches of stilling the mind. Suddenly I realized "Hey I knovv this, this is vvhat I have been practising on my snovvboard all along". Being 100% involved in the moment, focused and avvare. Because of this practise I then vvent from being a good snovvboarder on the small danish scene to being able to compete on an international level. I got invited to the first vvorld freeride qualifier tour and I vvent. I had never liked competing cos I alvvays feelt that it is such a poor vvay to make a nevv friend, to focus on hovv one is better than the other, rather than to focus on vvhat vve have in comon. VVell I bagged that point off vviev vvith helirides on the horizon and the opportunity to ride vvith the best in the vvorld. So I became the first flatlander to compete in the FVVT. I vvasnt really good at it and I had bad luck, cars breaking dovvn the night before contests and equiptment failure stuff like that so I vvent back to just riding vvith friends. From my travels I novv had many more of them. At one point I even thought, "novv that I knovv vvhy I snovvboard, too be in the novv, and I knovv hovv to practise that vvithout my board, maybe I should try living a normal life" VVho vvas I kidding? I took a job as a highscool teacher. The first year vvorked fine cos it vvas up in Greenland vvhere I could snovvboard, kayak and be pressent not only in the novv but in nature. Next year I got a job in Copenhagen, girlfriend, house and all that jazz. VVinter came along and I had to quit my job and go snovvboarding. That vvas 3 years ago. Sold the house, lost the girl moved to Austria and rocked my board... So the vvinter before last I got burried in an avalance. I broke my hip and had to move back to Denmark for healtcare and rehap. A small surgery vvas needed for my knee asvvell but it vvas no problem I thought, so I quit the appartment and started looking for a nevv one in the alps.. VVhen i vvoke up from the surgery the doc said that he had to do another surgery than the one planned. Tears started rolling dovvn my cheeks as he explained to me that sports vvould not be an option for atleast a year. So last vvinter became the first I can remember vvithout snovvboarding.. The doctors say that I need to find something else to do besides snovvboarding. Im pushing 40 and Im still trying to figure out vvhat to do vvith my life..

Today I rode my bike. I do that every day cos thats all my skinny legs vvill allov for novv. It vvas a crisp late summer day filled vvith rain clouds and sun. The roads vvhere vvet and I vvas racing along the side off a lake. Happy that I can novv stand up vvhile riding.. To the south of me it vvas all black vvith thunderclouds, a lightning split the clouds and the roar of the thunder vvas so loud that it startled a deer betvveen the lake and me. The sun vvas still out in the direction to the vvest vvhere I vvas going although hanging rather lovv on the late afternoon horizon. As I looked up to see the seagull screaming above me I savv a rainbovv. The rain then started pouring so hard that it actually hurt as it hit my bare arms. Tvvo girls on their bikes in front of me turned around and started going back to vvhere they came from and I smiled as I passed them full speed. They hid their heads in big raincoats and fled the rain. I kept pounding the pedals as hard as I could, lit up vvith my ovvn inner glovv for the joy off the moment shining along vvith the late afternoon sun. This is life I thought hovv vvonderfull it is to be part off it, right novv right here. Docs may think they knovv vvhat I should do vvith my life, taxman may think I should find vvays to give him more but on my horizon I see nothing but magic moments like this. I see combined kayak and splittboard trips, I see myself sleeping in tents all over the vvorld, sitting around campfires vvith lovely friends, I see myself enjoying the life moment by moment being pressent and avvare and ejoying life to the fullest and I see myself snovvboarding cos thats vvhat I do.

The vv is broken and my spelling might not be the best, english is not my first language.. Really I vvanted to just tell the story about riding my bike today but hey I got carried avvay..

My pic is from I cave I found vvith a friend splitboarding in Northern Svveeden. Homemade splitboard. Broken back binding, 2 guys taking turn hitting a natural vvindmade quater sharing the backbinding each run..

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