Hilo Surfer Surfs On Tropical Storm Lane's Run-off

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This past week, Hawaii has been dealing with the aftermath of Tropical storm Lane, which brought recording breaking amounts of rainfall to the island chain. According to AccuWeather, some parts have reported up 2-4 feet of rain, and those torrential downpours have caused flash floods and mudslides throughout Hawaii’s Big Island. Eventually, all that water flows back to the sea, and Hilo surfer Shawn Pila noticed an interesting phenomenon resulting from increased storm run-off. At his local concrete drainage canal, the stormy conditions created a perfect standing wave—too tempting to ignore. Making lemonade from some really unique lemons, watch as Pila hangs ten on the spontaneous urban wave. Don't try this at home, since he runs the risk of being caught by floating debris, however, it’s definitely one way to ride out a storm.

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