Hostel X And Snake River Brewing Advance To 2012 Gelande Quaffing World Championships

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The 2012 Jackson Hole Regional Gelande Quaffing Qualifier went off Thursday, Feb. 2, at 4:20 p.m. in front of the Village Cafe, at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Seven local Gelande Quaffing teams competed for one spot in this year’s Gelande Quaffing World Championship, which will take place at 4:20 p.m. Feb. 29 in the same location. Competition was fierce as teams Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis, Ski School, Snake River Brewing, The Harem, Race Crew, The Hostel X and The Lifties all vied for a coveted spot in the up coming championship round. In the end, The Hostel X won with a perfect score of 420 points, while Snake River Brewing won a wild card spot. The Feb. 29 World Championship round will be made up of past quaffing champions, sponsors and out of town teams who won at other regional qualifiers through out the world. This year those teams in the Sweet 16 are Tasker’s TNA, Teton Gravity Research, The Village Cafe, Teton Village Sports, Pepi’s, Storm Show Studios, Jackson Hole Ski Patrol, The Hostel X, Smith Optics, Salomon, K2, Powder Magazine, Team Seattle, Team Australia, Team New Zealand and Team T-Bar. Wild card teams include The Mangy Moose and Snake River Brewing. In the sport of Gelande Quaffing, teams of four slide beers down a “bar” to teammates who catch them as they slide off the end. Players catching beer must stand at least two feet away from the end, catch the beer as it flies through the air, chug it, tap the empty beer mug on the bar, then run to the opposite end of the table to “pitch” for the next player. More points are awarded for catching the mug by the handle than by the glass body. Typically, there is a freestyle round where points are awarded for catching and chugging with unique style. Notable quaffers to watch Feb. 29 are John Verdon, Jim Muhlfeld and Mark Lyon. Strong teams to watch this year are Tasker's TNA — who won last year, The Village Café, and The Hostel X. Organizers of the Gelande Quaff would like to thank Pabst Blue Ribbon for their more than generous contributions, the Jackson Hole Air Force for judging, and Howie Henderson for inventing what we know now as the Gelande Quaff. Scroll down for photos of the Jackson Hole Regional Quaff Off and for a video that gives a history lesson on the origins of the game. All photos by Max Santeusanio. A crowd gathers in front of The Village Cafe in at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to watch the 2012 Regional Gelande Quaffing Qualifier. Jackson Hoie Air Force founder Benny Wilson, far right, and Dave "The Wave" Muccino, center, send a cheers to Howie Henderson - the inventor of the sport of Gelande Quaffing. Let the games begin! Quaffing it. Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis came out strong. Although it was a qualifier, teams played like it was the World Championship. Lubricated. A player from Snake River Brewing knocks back a cold one for the crowd. Snake River Brewing player Billy Weiss. Beards can be an advantage to minimizing spillage in the sport of Gelande Quaffing. ... Or not. Honey badger don't give a shit. Team Hostel X in the thick of it. The World Championship Gelande Quaffing trophy. A lot of fun happens in front of our office. John Verdon, orator of the Regional Quaff Off, holds up Snake River Brewing's and The Hostel X's score cards. Both teams advance to the World Championship on Feb. 29. In heaven, it rains PBR. See you on Feb. 29! If you still have no idea what is going on here, watch this informative Gelande Quaffing video:

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