How Angel Collinson Returned From a Torn ACL to Slay Alaskan Lines

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There are aren't many skiers walking this Earth–male or female–with the talent, moxie and cajones that Angel Collinson has. There's a reason she's the first and only woman to win Powder's Line of the Year award. She tackles Alaskan lines that most of her contemporaries would balk at, and does it all with an omnipresent smile on her face.

But, even when you're one of the best big-mountain skiers on the planet, mistakes happen. And unfortunately, when you're on near-vertical Alaskan spines, the consequences for those mistakes are severely heightened, a lesson Collinson learned the hard way while filming for Teton Gravity Research's 2016 film Tight Loose. While taking on what she described as a "pretty routine line" (read: burley), Collinson got tripped up while bombing over a bergschrund and blew out the ACL in her right knee.

The following year for Collinson was filled with exhaustive rehab efforts to get her back in time to film for our 2017 film Rogue Elements. Ultimately, she returned to kill it in the film, and in true fashion she spent her first day back on skis bombing heavy lines in Petersburg, Alaska. And of course, she did it all with a smile on her face.

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