How TGR & Doug Coombs Created the World's Best AK Seg

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In the mid-90s Doug Coombs was pushing the boundaries of what was considered possible in Alaska. Fortunately, there were two brothers from Cape Cod on hand to capture these incredible moments. Todd and Steve Jones, along with Mike Hatchet of Standard Films would use heli-time that Doug donated to film these lines.

When TGR's first film "The Continuum" premiered in Teton Village the crowd went crazy when its hometown hero graced the large screen. One of the best Alaska ski segments ever had just been showcased.

After Doug's death in 2006, his wife Emily kept his spirit alive with the Doug Coombs Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to, "provide an opportunity for children to join their peers in activities on and off the ski slopes of Jackson Hole, supporting a healthy and integrated community for all of our children." To learn more about the Doug Coombs Foundation or how you can get involved click here.

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