How to Build a Fixed Anchor & Rappel Off a Cliff

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Starting to get into the world of ski mountaineering? Even normal backcountry outings can benefit from some basic rope skills, but as you advance up the ladder and start tackling more complicated terrain, knowing how to rappel down hairy terrain–a cliff or an icy choke in a chute, for example–becomes super important.

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Here, International Pro Riders' Workshop instructor Lucas Merli demonstrates how to set up a fixed anchor off a sturdy tree, and how to safely rappel off that anchor over a cliff.

DISCLAIMER: we should note that while this video provides an introductory overview to a rappelling setup, it is not intended to provide enough information to qualify you to head out and do the same thing on your own. We strongly advise gaining professional, in-person instruction before adding ropes to your backcountry game.

Cover photo courtesy of Shane Treat.

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