How To Get Into Mountain Biking

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Mountain biking is an exciting hobby that millions of people around the globe can attest is an adrenaline-fueled rush worth pursuing. Nonetheless, the world of mountain biking can be dizzying and complex for the uninitiated and finding out the ins and outs of the hobby isn’t always easy nor cheap. Many shun the hobby precisely because they don’t know how to purchase the equipment needed, falsely believe it’s more expensive than it actually is, or due to a fear of failure. Equipped with the right facts and advice, however, you’ll soon realize that conquering mountains is achievable with grit, perseverance, and some killer calves.

Here’s how to get into mountain biking, and what you’ll want to know before spending too much of your money on a fancy new bike.

Understand why you’re interested

If you really want to get into mountain biking and intend for it to be a new hobby rather than a temporary fad, you need to understand why you’re interested in the first place. Perhaps you’re a thrill-seeker who’s on the lookout for the next adrenaline rush, or maybe you’re just someone hoping to see more of the great outdoors while getting in some excellent exercise. Until you iron out the reasons you want to get into mountain biking, you’ll never stop flirting with the idea of buying a bike instead of actually doing it. This hobby takes commitment, but you’ll soon discover it’s worth it.

There are plenty of reasons to believe that mountain biking is becoming more popular by the day, especially since so many people around the world are realizing that it’s less expensive than they though. Many have made the mistake of thinking that you need to shell out an arm and a leg in order to get the appropriate equipment needed to mountain bike safely, but it’s a matter of fact that you can find bargain deals on beginner bikes that help you get on the trail for the first time.

The first serious job in front of you is finding the right bike for the job. There’s a myriad of options for you to review, but don’t fret too much when it comes to selecting your first bike – after all, there’s always room for improvement in the future, and you’ll soon realize that many mountain bikers take pride in having a trusty collection of diverse bikes for different occasions and trails. When trying to choose the right mountain bike, you should review the different types, beginning with trail bikes and cross-country bikes.

Start with a trail bike

Despite the allure of some cross-country bikes, which frequently feature low-weight materials and sleek designs, it’s important that you start with a trail bike. This is because cross-country bikes are typically used for races, or at the very least for high-speed trail riding, and that a standard trail bike is a much easier option for the average newcomer to grapple with. Furthermore, many trail bikes are less expensive than their cross-country peers – cross country bikes are often specialty made for racing and feature lightweight (and therefore expensive) materials.

Don’t think you can begin just because you’ve picked up a bike and had a cup of mountain rose herbs. There’s other gear you’ll need, too, if you want to get into mountain biking; having a sturdy helmet is essential for mountain biking safely, and you’ll likely want to invest in some clothes and a number of other useful tidbits as well. Hydration packs that neatly fit onto your back and allow you to drink water in a hands-free fashion, for instance, are frequently relied upon by mountain bikers who don’t want to stop just to hydrate. To be clear, however, you don’t need to break the bank picking up a million gizmos and gadgets – at the start of your mountain biking career, you should only be packing essential gear that everyone needs.

Next, you’ll want to lookup local trails in your surrounding area. You’ll likely uncover the fact that some places are better for mountain biking than others; certain trails are better maintained, for instance, and certain regions of the country just offer better terrain and weather for mountain biking year-round than other areas. If you’re struggling to find a suitable location for nearby mountain biking, don’t be afraid to take a deep dive into finding the best trails out there for you to roam.

All that’s left for you to do is hit the trails and start having fun! Remember that mountain biking is an exercise-intensive activity that should begin with incremental steps – try to go cross country on your first outing, and you’ll likely tire yourself out. With time, however, you’ll develop an impressive prowess that enables you to leap from trail to trail without the slightest issue. Keep your eyes on the trail and your feet on the pedals, and you’ll soon be conquering daunting mountain peaks and conquering daring desert trails.

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