How To Throw An Apres Ski Party

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Apres Ski Parties continue to dominate socialite circles today, and for good reasons; there’s virtually nothing more enjoyable nor more stylish than a well-planned après ski party that takes place immediately after a riveting day on the slopes. Adequately planning and throwing one of these parties is easier said than done, however, and many modern skiers and snowboarders who are looking to throw an epic bash don’t know where to begin when it comes to hosting the ultimate shindig.

Here’s how you can start planning an après ski party that will linger in the memories of your friends for years to come, and what common mistakes you should avoid when crafting the party of your life.

Understanding the basics

The impressive opening ceremony of the recent winter Olympics has everyone in the mood to hit the slopes, so start planning your party now while you can still cash in on the media buzz surrounding the slopes right now. Let’s start with the basics; an après ski party, literally meaning an after-ski party, will take place immediately following an intense day of shredding snow on your favorite slopes, so many of your partygoers are going to be exhausted the minute they step through the front door. That means that your party should be relaxing and laidback, as high-intensity après ski parties are relatively lackluster, thanks to the fact that many of your party-goers are wiped out from a long day of skiing or snowboarding.

This doesn’t mean you can’t include fun physical events, or that you’ll have to constrain yourself to indoor activities where everyone’s lazing about, but rather to remind you that high-intensity events that demand lots of energy are probably going to be passed up on by a majority of your guest. You may want to consider something that engages your guest without being too exhausting, like a theme party that lets them contribute to the overall flair of the occasion without demanding too much physical activity. Theme parties are also an excellent way to introduce your guest to exotic drinks that match the thematic occasion, so don’t be afraid to pick a location with access to better-than-usual snacks and refreshments.

Checking out popular social media postings about which themes are hot right now is a great way to ensure your party is a hit, and that you have the right decorations to ensure everyone is in proper spirits from the start to the end of your party. If you’re hoping to throw a smaller après ski party, it’s crucial that you solicit your guests’ feedback beforehand; larger parties can get away with having the host take some liberties when planning the event, but smaller affairs between friends and family will likely need the input of everyone if you don’t want your party to be a dud.

If you’re having trouble determining how to decorate your party, check out these awesome examples of après ski parties that got their décor right the first time, and you may be inspired. Before you send out your invites, however, you need to review the common mistakes that too many host let slip under the radar.

Learning to avoid bad party vibes

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of a good après ski party is that it has adequate refreshments that let your guest relax after a long, tiring day, without forcing them to go overboard. This may require the use of a portable ice maker, and you can see a good example here: There’s a good chance that many of your guest will be totally tuckered out after shredding on the slopes for hours on end, meaning heavy drinking, which many parties can quickly descend into, could very easily grow out of hand. Exhausted skiers and snowboarders may be quicker to indulge in an overabundance of alcoholic beverages than they would be if they had a full day of rest backing them up, so keep an extra eye on your guest to ensure they’re not endangering themselves after a fierce day of physical activity.

Of course, there’s no point in throwing a stellar après ski party if you yourself can’t enjoy it; that’s why you should consider hosting your event at a local resort, where you can rely on staffers or outside caterers to manage the logistics of the party while you relax yourself. If you don’t rely on outside help, understand you’ll need to prepare things well ahead of time – after all, you won’t have the time nor energy needed to set up a great party if you’ve spent a few hours going up and down the mountainside.

If you don’t want to have such a lavish affair, consider abandoning a theme and just allowing your guest to enjoy a relaxing, casual meetup of friends. This could include a tiny menu that offers more snacks than it does actual meals, and get your guest more involved. No matter which approach you choose, start planning now, and you’ll soon find yourself having a blast when you finally throw your amazing après ski party.

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