Ian McIntosh - Sony Mind's Eye: Season 2 Episode 6

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Fortunately for Ian McIntosh, Canada's health care system still insures for folks with pre-existing conditions, like having a few screws loose upstairs. You're not supposed to be able to ski La Grave—a place infamous for pants-shitting steeps and deadly exposure—at the speeds Mac and Johnny Collinson do in this episode of Sony Mind's Eye, so maybe socialized medicine is playing a part in the ability of guys like Ian to blaze new trails in the speed category (we're joking).

Watch Ian and Johnny flash some steep couloirs, some in pow, others in brutally variable conditions, in France's most unencumbered mountains with guide Joe Vallone, and then run off with Mac as he takes a vacation from his butt-puckering ski routine to go BASE jumping in Italy. We don't know what the translation of "terminal velocity" is in Italian, but we think it might sound something like "Non provateci a casa!!"

Sony's Mind's Eye is a 10-episode series of self-edits that give an insider's look at the team of TGR athletes as they documents their adventures with Sony's Action Cam. Check out the new Sony Action Cam, with its next-level image stabilization feature, snow-proof body, and A-grade audio recording at: http://bit.ly/1lygvzX

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