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Ian Wood is all about using less, yet getting more. His commitment to converting his truck to bio fuels, his efforts to minimize his overall carbon footprint, and his open-minded outlook have shown us he is someone that truly cares about understanding how his life impacts others and the environment.

There are a lot of ways that snowboarding could improve from a sustainability standpoint. We're making steps in that direction, but they are baby steps, and we've still got a long way to go. It takes a long time to innovate, it takes a long time to change culture, and there are very real costs to overcome. That being said, here is one of the improvements we've made from a product offering standpoint this year:

Snowboarders can invest in a pair of US-made bindings, and then add Quiver Connectors and Split Interfaces as needed for far less than the cost of even the most basic bindings, with far less waste. We'll back them up by using the best materials, building them domestically, sourcing locally, and providing lifelong support with the Karakoram Guarantee. Buy less bindings, and use the one set you do buy for longer. Don't buy a new set of bindings each year just to toss out those old ones piled up in the garage; buy a set only when you need them from a company that invests far more into Research & Development than it does Marketing & Packaging. Consume less; get more.

Our goal with Quiver Connectors was to allow snowboarders to use only one set of bindings that worked on all their snowboards and splitboards, while still staying true to our core belief that any product we make must fundamentally improve riding performance. This is easier said than done. After having spent two seasons prototyping, analyzing biomechanics, designing and refining, we're extremely proud to be able to say that these are the most responsive bindings we've ever ridden. It's incredibly humbling to have top-level professionals like Ian supporting what we do.

Buy less bindings, make better turns, and always ride the perfect board for the day.

Consume less, get more.

See more footage of Ian and his bio-diesel truck's adventures in The Middle/Path Project.

More on our next generation Quiver-Connectors and how we're working to improve snowboarding in the most sustainable way possible on our new 16-17 website here

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