If Bruce Brown & Wes Anderson Made a Surf Film

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If Bruce Brown and Wes Anderson got together and made a surf film, this is what it would look like. The dreamy haze and snappy visuals make Mark Tesi and Russell Brownley’s 22-minute film “De Passage” worth every second of your time. The film—shot on location in Tahiti, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, and Bali—leaves no stones left unturned in the quest for beautiful surf imagery.

One wave after another, big name surfers like Shane Dorian, Mikala Jones, Rob Machado, Tia Blanco, and Alana Blanchard deliver 22 minutes of ridiculously awesome surfing. "De Passage" has a great soundtrack, to boot.

Now on Vimeo in all of its HD glory, the super-detailed slo-mo shots will leave you reaching for your wetsuit and frantically searching for the nearest swells. Get watchin’!

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