Insta-Awesome: Dropping into TGR’s Fantasy Camp with Tim Durtschi

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This spring, TGR set up its Fantasy Camp deep within the Neacola Mountain Range in northern Alaska. The camp served as the crew’s home base while filming for "Way of Life." The trip produced some of the most progressive skiing and filming to date, which will be released in the movie in September.

We know you don't want to wait that long for the goods, so we're giving you a glimpse into the madness with our new series "Inside TGR's Fantasy Camp." We reached out to TGR team riders and filmers for their insights into life in Alaska. To provide the ultimate glimpse into their filming experience, the series will feature their insights and Instagrams, documenting their time at Fantasy Camp. Tim Durtschi 1

Photo: @Tim Durtschi 2

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Photo: @Tim D

Photo: @timdurtschi We left #fantasycamp with a bang @tetongravity @atomicski

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