Insta-Awesome: Fantasy Camp with Athan Merrick - Through the Lens

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Nestled in the heart of Alaska’s rock-strewn, ice-covered Neacola Mountain Range lays the location of TGR’s fabled Fantasy Camp; a place where winter’s whimsy knows no limits and the best athletes in the world come to ski with unbridled imaginations. What makes this paradise stand out? To understand we looked through the images of cinematographer Athan Merrick’s Instagram account for a slice-of-life perspective.

Athan Merrick 3

Photo: @athanmerrick Morning commute with @Athan Merrick 4

Photo: @athanmerrick This setup brings the pack weight to 70 lbs. Real mountains meet real glass. Canon cine 30-300 paired with 4k. #Athan Merrick 5Photo: @athanmerrick Home for most of April. #Athan Merrick 6

Photo: @athanmerrick Ak heli down day roast continues with @Athan Merrick 1

Photo: @athanmerrick Flying out of #Athan Merrick Photo: @athanmerrick One last ode to #fantasycamp from last week. Never too late to cheers with crystal clear #glacierice and #patron with @ianmcintosh @toddligare @tetongravity and Steve Jones.

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