Is this the best surf van ever made?

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Behold, the Balboa! Perhaps the best beach van ever created. Why? Well, the only thing comparable to the Balboa would probably be the VW camper vans and those things can break the bank at around $15-$20k. They are expensive to fix, don't have much room, and with the engine in the trunk, they end up being a bit unsafe. However, the Balboa has a ton more room and is overall much cheeper. The vehicle itself was created on a Dodge, Chevy or Ford body which makes for cheep parts and labor. The whole rig can set you back as little as $5k! But what's the clincher? The HUGE windows! Perfect for pulling up to the beach and taking in a breath taking panoramic view.

Here's a video of my buddy Paul's latest referb.

They're so perfect, I bought one too!

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