It's Still Possible to Surf Massive Empty Waves

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“We are in the middle of the Pacific, on a volcanic rock, getting bludgeoned by massive swells. We are, as remote, as you can get.”

This is what Austrailian photographer Ted Grambeau said about Ripcurl's most recent #TheSearch video series. The same series that gave us Mick Fanning surfing a perfect, empty wave now showcase South American slab hunters Bruno Santos and Guillermo Satt in their element. With massive empty breaks and heavy conditions this is a video worth watching.

That’s Australian photographer Ted Grambeau talking. If you know Ted Grambeau, then you’ll be able to hear the sound of his deep, rough, vaguely erratic voice; the volume rising with each syllable, the delivery slowing with each word, dragging out each sentence until you can almost feel their isolation.

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