Jamie Pierre Remembrance 1973-2011

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On November 13, 2011 our friend Jamie Pierre died in an avalanche while skiing in Utah. We will always remember Jamie as being an incredible professional skier, but more importantly as a father, husband and friend. He will be missed. The way he inspired us was anything but conventional and for that we thank him.Below, some of Pierre’s close friends remember him in their own words. If you have any memories, feel free to share them in the comments below. Pete O'Brien - Cinematographer:I have had some incredibly great memories skiing and filming with Jamie over the past 13 years. On so many occasions he's left me standing there, both hands on my head with my jaw wide open in awe of the feat he had just pulled off.About 10 years ago, in the beginning of December, we were hitting one of the practice kickers in Grizzly Gulch by the houses. It was Jamie, Sage, the Collins Brothers and Rick Wroblewski. Jamie was the last guy to hit the jump on the guinea pig round, and with all the boys looking up from the landing, he hit the kicker with more speed than anyone else, cocked his head back, grabbed both knees and brought around a double backflip right to his feet. He cleared everyone else's bomb holes and landed in fresh powder. It was his first attempt at a double.One of Jamie's mantras was "Speed is your friend. If you send an air out to the apron, then the rocks aren't a factor."To this day Jamie is the only person to make it over the Pyramid Gap Jump on both a snowboard and skis.Jamie evolved to become one of the most well-known names in big mountain skiing. It was a lifelong goal that he had accomplished and he was very comfortable in that position. He had one of the biggest hearts I know of and he treated everyone with exceptional respect. He was far and away one of the most approachable professional athletes out there, extremely humble, down to earth and always looking out for the little guy. When introduced to you he would never forget your name.My heart goes out to Amee, Clementine, and RoyalJulian Carr - Professional Skier:Jamie Pierre opened up a world of impossibilities on his skis. I remember my heart rate increasing in anticipation for all of his TGR segments, especially "High Life". When I finally had the opportunity to meet him, fittingly, it was on top of a cliff in the Hell Gate backcountry of Alta. He was very respectful of my space up there and the mental process involved. At the time, the cliff I was lining up was the biggest cliff I'd set up for, about an 80 footer. I aced it, he was yelling just like me afterward with stoke, then he asked if he could jump it too. Of course I said yes, he busted one of his signature mute grabs off of it and we were friends since. He was actually a much better skier than me and he is a much better skier than he is even in the air. I was very impressed with his kindness and love for the sport. What an incredible person with a heart of gold. You will be missed brother. Cheers Jamie.Todd Jones - TGR Founder:I recently got to hang out with Jamie, his wife and his kids up at the Yellowstone Club. I had my wife and two kids with me as well. It was so cool watching our kids play together and seeing Jamie be such an awesome Dad on and off the hill. I think one of my last visuals baked in my mind will be of Jamie in lift line in Montana, one kid on the back and his wife and other kid by his side. He had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face. He was truly happy. His search was complete. It was bigger than the grin he wore the day he hit the World Record cliff at the Ghee. That’s how I will remember Jamie.Dash Longe - Professional Skier:Jamie was a bad-ass skier that helped shape and push the sport for many years. He has been making what we all thought to be impossible, possible, since the beginning of the freeskiing era. I will never forget seeing his Wolverine Cirque line that won "line of the year" in person and realizing the sheer magnitude of what he was doing. What he dropped dwarfed anything his peers would hit. Jamie accomplished a long list of 'firsts' within the sport of skiing, paving the way for many people. I hope he is remembered for the fact that he took skiing beyond the next level and worked as hard as anyone in the game to be at the top of the sport.Dustin Handley - TGR Associate Producer:Jamie raised the bar and was a huge influence to many. Jamie was a true family man. I will never forget how happy Jamie was in Bulgaria when he indicated to the crew that he was going to propose to his future wife as soon as he returned to the States. I will always remember Jamie for his enthusiasm, tenacity, skill and passion for skiing and life.

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