Jason Levinthal and Matt Sterbenz Discuss Acquisition of 4FRNT Skis

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Near the end of June, Jason Levinthal, the founder of LINE skis, Full Tilt Boots, and J Skis, made another significant mark in the ski industry when he acquired 4FRNT skis, one of the last independently owned companies in the industry. This new partnership with Matt Sterbenz, 4FRNT’s owner, has raised a lot of questions about what this will mean for the two companies and for skiing as a whole. This Blister podcast interviews Levinthal and Sterbenz firsthand to get their take on the deal, and their thoughts on the brand’s place in the modern ski industry. Here are some key points:

2:52 - Levinthal and Sterbenz discuss what inspired the deal and “what just happened.”

11:45 - Talk on whether or not this will affect the way 4FRNT skis are produced.

15:30 - What does it mean to be an “indie” ski brand?

21:20 - When did you guys first talk about teaming up?

29:15 - Interviewer asks Matt what his favorite J or Line Ski is

43:45 - The pair’s closing thoughts on the deal

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