Jeremy Jones' Deeper Series Premieres Tonight On Outside TV

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Jeremy Jones' 10-episode Deeper series premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on Outside Television. Legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones and the award winning production specialists Teton Gravity Research instill The Deeper Project with a baseline of epic suspense and athletic greatness. This 10-episode series will take you on an all encompassing journey through untouched snowboarding meccas as Jones and the TGR crew unlock the secrets to mastering some of the greatest lines on earth. A far cry from his humble beginnings riding golf courses in Massachusetts, Jeremy Jones is now one of the most influential snowboarders in the world. He forged his own path in the industry and now sits at the top of his game as not only a snowboarder, but an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and an icon to his thousands of fans. In Episode 1 - Haines Part 1 meet legendary big mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones. He’s a on a mission he has never attempted before — to ride the rowdiest terrain on earth without the help of helicopters and snowmobiles... but this time, Jones is on foot. He sets his sights on the same mountain range he built his career on, but beyond where helicopters are permitted to fly and takes on the biggest challenge of his life. But just as he begins to scratch the surface, a massive Alaskan storm comes in and their mission turns into a fight for survival. Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. on Outside TV. Click Here For More Information Click Here To View More From Outside TV

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