Jeremy Jones' Further Project Wraps In The Wrangells

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Jeremy Jones and the Further Alaska Trip 2012Traveling into the world's biggest wilderness area was a spectacular sight as the plane gets dwarfed by the seemingly endless Wrangell Mountains.

Further Alaska Trip 2012Getting a little wider view of camp was a great way of putting ourselves in check of the terrain we were dealing with.

Further Alaska Trip 2012Venturing out into the unknown, Ryland and Jeremy check out the new location.

Further Alaska Trip 2012Lucas expresses the feeling he gets when getting to the top of The Town Wall lines.

Further Alaska Trip 2012With perfect light and a fresh layer of snow, Ryland lays out the hand drag with some style.

Further Alaska Trip 2012K-Tooth was one of those lines for no mistakes. With exposure in all directions, Jeremy navigates the line perfect.

Further Alaska Trip 2012It took the Further production team three AK trips to finally dial in the right solar power set up. The Further Alaska Trip 2012Lucas skins across the world's biggest nonpolar ice cap (Bagley Icefield) looking as though he is on the moon.

Further Alaska Trip 2012The setting sun lights up the towering seracs and spines that surround the camp.

Further Alaska Trip 2012The Town Wall getting lit up from the moon kept the creative juices and stoke flowing for the next day.

Further Alaska Trip 2012The Northern Lights across the Bagley Icefield was always a good reason to get out of the tent at night.

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