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Recently I read the poem that Jeremy Jones wrote about surfing on Lake Tahoe and I got inspired to write this poem, so I hope you guys like it.

Where are we going?

What has happened?

How did we get here?

In school we learn about these grand events;

the industrial revolution;

technological progress;


But when will they teach us about what is truly grand?

When will the veil be lifted,

so we may see what we are leaving behind.

Before it is gone forever.

When will we see the beauty, the vibrant color, the grace.

Of Mother Earth.

She is all around us, in the Mountains;

that have towered over us before Sky Scrapers were even a thought.

In the Oceans; before Oil Rigs clogged up the Sea.

In the Sky; before we filled it with Flying Machines and CO2.

This is what we are leaving behind.

Future generations will never know the feeling that the wilderness has on oneself.

This is what we leave behind.

But the question still stands;

Where do we go next; forward to Industry,

or back to nature

- Ryan Waldbillig

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