JH Night Sessions with the Groms

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The past 2 nights here in Teton Village have been Jibtastic. 2 nights, 2 sick sessions. The first night we trucked in 2 pickups of snow to session the infamous 14 stair hand rail just outside the TGR office. The 'night riders' were 9 year old Colby Stevenson, 12 year old Jesse Wells, and Adam Dowell. The following night we brought the lights up to the tram jib and the big kicker in the Jackson Hole park. It was another perfect night to continue the sessions. Mark Carter, Colby Stevenson, & Jesse Wells we're the riders throwing down in this late night session until 1 a.m. No curfew for the groms this week!

** Adam Dowell starts off the night’s rail session**

** Adam Dowell frontside boardslide**

** 9 year old Colby Stevenson shows his skills**

** Producer Josh Nielsen gives Colby some stoke**

** What up gangstas**

** Colby fired up**

** Jesse and Colby destroy the kicker**

** Setting up for night session number 2**

** Chad, Tate, and Corey ready to start shooting**

** Tate firing off a round. Let the session begin.

** Lights, Camera, Action!**

** Colby Tram Slide**

** Inspecting the freshly shaped booter**

** 12 year old Jesse Wells **

** Jesse going big with style**

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