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John Wells Media Blast 2013 is a culmination of my POV efforts and a little new direction by shooting a lot of photos and getting the shot in more ways than one. 2013 was another successful year for gathering media and skiing pow. This past year along side my standard POV edits (thrashing and brashing with my bros) I decided to focus more energy on getting photos and working on patience and understanding for the process. I'm not talking about standing around and “ski acting” I'm talking about “ski action”.

Through long winded conversations VIA text, radio, road trips, and snowy chairlift rides myself and Rylan Schoen started to work on understanding the lingo, what one means by, “that bump in the snow” or “that tree over there” or my favorite, “turn right here” & “send it off that rock”. Mt. Baker has its share of photographers from Grant Gunderson to Garrett Grove. It is a place that yearns to be taken photos of over and over again.

Over the year we worked, skied and took it easy in a directed kind of way and we found a way to get it done by getting the shots we wanted, not wasting light, failing miserably, not too many safety breaks, missing features completely, and being earlier, longer and more willing than the rest. 2013 brought us up to Whistler BC, Kicking Horse BC, and Sunshine Village, AB and of course our home Mt. Baker, WA.

Jason Hummel is another “pro” ski god that I had the opportunity to work with this past season. In one day with Jason you can achieve maximum poster-ization on a snow lovers wall or mantle. An Art piece for generations to love or you can be a part of a Trip Report that is the very center of mountain culture in the PNW getting people “out there” to live the dream that we all pursue. Long days, lots of hiking and talking makes for fun sunsets and unbelievable moments in the mountains with Jason and Rylan.

This next year hopes to bring me to new levels in media, filming, photos, and original POV angles. Now that everything has been done by everybody it's time to re/re-invent and re-innovate for 2014.

Pray for shit-tons of snow!

Check out John's Vimeo Page:

& Rylan's Mt. Baker Slide Show:

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