JP Auclair and Tom Wallisch Street Segment

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A year ago, Sherpas Cinema was blindsided when a segment from their movie All.I.Can was leaked onto YouTube by a hacker in Russia. The segment, which depicted JP Auclair skiing through the streets of the dour mill town of Trail, British Columbia in the shadow of Red Mountain, was one of the most creative ski segments in recent memory, with JP flying down staircases, backflipping over hedges onto sidewalks, and finishing the segment by hopping on a bus at the bottom of the hill. The clip was a hit on Vimeo, so naturally, Sherpas had to get JP shredding the streets again for their latest film out this fall, Into The Mind, and threw jib superstar and North Face athlete Tom Wallisch into the mix as well.

But how does this newest iteration, which has the pair shredding the streets of Toronto while being bathed in spotlights and skiing through projection art, compare to the last one?

1) JP Auclair & Tom Wallisch in Into The Mind

2) JP Auclair in All.I.Can

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