Story by Max Ritter 2019.04.10

TGR Tested: K2 Mindbender 108Ti

The truest all mountain ski I have ever skied. A fun, playful, hard-charging stomper and a quiver killer for sure. - Pete Connolly

K2 Mindbender 108Ti
All Mountain
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K2 has been in the game since 1962, and as one of the OG American ski brands out there, they’ve held a special place in the hearts of many skiers for years. Making everything from classic backcountry skis like the Coomba to big floppy powder skis like the somewhat questionable HellBents, the brand is no stranger to experimenting with unorthodox designs. When word came out about the all-new Mindbender series, our ears perked up in anticipation of the promise of a whole new range of directional all-mountain freeride skis. The Mindbender 108Ti is the big brother in the 13-ski lineup, offering a ski built for attacking the rowdiest terrain on the mountain no matter the conditions. It’s not a big-mountain ski, it’s not a touring ski, it’s not a freestyle ski, it’s just a good ol’-fashioned ripper.



The entire series of Mindbender skis is based around the design concept of independently tuning the torsional and longitudinal stiffness of the ski. In regular terms, this means a ski where the tips and tails won’t have unwanted flex sideways (you’d be surprised how much this can affect ski performance). Secondly, the tip of the ski is much softer than the underfoot area and tail, balancing high-speed stability and damping with poppy playfulness. The overall shape of the Mindbender 108Ti is more traditional than we expected, with directional rocker, and relatively flat tail, and only minimal amounts of rocker and taper. At 108 underfoot, this is a great everyday pow ski built for skiing fast through both fresh and old soft snow. The 186 cm version weighs in at 2200 grams, giving it plenty of mass to punch through ugly snow.


For a ski this powerful and designed for hard charging skiers, testers found the Mindbender 108Ti shockingly easy to maneuver no matter the speed they were riding. Whether it’s in bumps, crud, powder, or tight technical terrain, the ski seems to do much of the work for you. The soft tips take the edge off some of the rougher snow conditions we encountered, and the stiff tail make for a fun platform to pop off everything in sight. Tester Pete Connolly sums it up: “This ski did everything best. This is a true all mountain ski in every meaning of the category. I could have fun on this from groomers through super technical steps through airs and fun poppers. You can ski it fast in anything, but you don’t have to. You can also relax and enjoy letting it do it’s thing.”

Photo by: Eric Parker
Photo by: Eric Parker
Photo by: Eric Parker

Who's it for?

Truth be told, K2’s Mindbender 108Ti is one of those skis that would be at home just about anywhere, on just about any intermediate to expert skier’s feet. It’s a jack of all trades, and might as well be a master of just about all of them (except maybe skiing Japan-style deep pow). If you spend your days mobbing the resort, like to go fast and explore all kinds of terrain, these are designed for someone like you.

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