Kai Lenny Becomes First Person to River Surf on a HydroFoil

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Kai Lenny surfing the Lochsa river. Nate Meyer photo.

Kai Lenny might be one of the most inspirational watermen in the world. He is constantly looking for new places to bring new technology and techniques. Last week he posted a photo on his Facebook with a large, varied quiver announcing that he was in Montana.

Kai Lenny with a rad quiver. Kai Lenny Facebook photo.

Those who were familiar with the river hydrology of the area knew that Lenny was off to river surf. What surfaced a few days later was a photo of Lenny hydrofoil surfing on the Lochsa River in Idaho. He posted the following:

What a blast it was doing Hydrofoil River surfing!

interestingly, it feels as though you're going so fast but when you look to both side of the river everything is stationary. Never felt that much speed in my life without actually moving forward! Can't wait to do more of it.

Can't wait to see the video of the session above.

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