Kazu Kokuba: A Profile

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This fourteen-minute profile of Japanese snowboarder Kazu Kokubo from Adidas Snowboarding achieves a couple of goals. The main purpose of the video is to serve as a welcome and introduction for Kazu to the Adidas Snowboarding Team. What it does is provide an insightful video on the difficulties and pressure for foreign riders to break into and maintain their position action sports.

The video starts with Kazu explaining the recent state of snowboarding and his growing disillusion with competition. He explains when he first arrived to the scene the loved watching his heroes and fellow competitors compete. Over the years as the pressure and intensity from media and organizers of the competitions have grown Kazu openly wonders where the fun and spirit of snowboarder as he knows it has gone.

Kazu explains that very few Japanese boarders continue snowboarding because of lack of support. With this in mind, he started “Stonp” an accessories company that he hopes will help his friends keep the dream alive.

Kazu Kokubo started skiing at the age of four. When he spotted a group of snowboarders at his local mountain he begged his dad to switch from two planks to one. Kazu’s father recruited one of his friends to build a board and his snowboard career had begun. To see a father truly happy for his son and supportive of him for pursuing his own passions is dose of fresh air. Both Kazu and his father realize how fortunate he is to be in this situation and this dose of humility is refreshing in the pro action sports landscape.

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